2nd Year | Mississippi Child Photographer

This is my why.  Well, actually it’s only ONE of them.  I have a lot of whys… reasons that I do what I do.  Number one on the list is that I love your babies… getting to talk to them, interact with them, sometimes chase them around through the woods.  I love every bit of it!  😉  Our session was almost over when we noticed that Jack was loving the little baby bed.  So we grabbed it for a few shots and boy am I glad that we did.  This is just one reason you’ll never catch me looking at my watch during a session.  Had we ended this session quickly, we would have never gotten this:

What a DOLL baby!!!  Those toes, little legs, his sweet face and those eyes!  OMGoodness… he’s so precious!  <squeeeeeeallllll>  I’m so glad that Jack came to see me for his 2-year portraits.

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