Product Spotlight | Mississippi Newborn, Child & Family Photographer

My last product spotlight was for the fabulous heirloom leather albums that Kim Kelley Photography offers.  This time I want to show you the piece that is probably the nearest and dearest to my heart.  And that is mounted prints/wall art!  (Clients receive 30% off any mounted prints/wall art – 11×14 and larger added to album purchases.)

Prints sized 8×10 and larger come mounted on styrene for quality and durability.   All prints provided by Kim Kelley Photography are printed on slightly textured silk paper (see images below).  This texture makes them resistant to fingerprints which is a feature that I LOVE!  It is my hope that you will cherish your portraits and pass them down through the generations.

Now, what should you do with your mounted wall art?  Smaller 8×10 prints can sit on a shelf or easel but I highly recommend framing your wall art (11×14 and larger).  Prints that are mounted don’t require glass.  In fact, I would personally suggest NOT using glass with your mounted portraits.  I know you’ve all seen your grandparents’ framed photo and what has happened over the years?  Typically part of it is stuck to the glass.   This is what can happen when a print touches glass.   If you’ve purchased a frame with glass, the print that you choose for it should also be matted in order to protect the print. (Hand torn fine art prints require glass and therefore matting as well.  Look for those in the next Kim Kelley Photography product spotlight!)   Cummings Wood Products offers beautiful quality framing options for your silk mounted wall art.  And best of all, your portraits are ready to hang!




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