About Kim

I am SO glad that you are here.  This means that you are ready to fill your home with the art that I love so much…  your family!  I know that there is a sea of photographers out there that you could have chosen, and I’m honored that you have chosen me!  I promise to work hard for you and deliver images and art that you and your family will enjoy every single day.  I am excited that you will be able to sit down with your grandchildren thirty years from now and show them the images that you have cherished all those years.

Here is the first thing I want you to do… RELAX.  I know, I know… we are talking about a photography session with your children and it probably makes you nervous.  I have been there.  But I sincerely want it to be an enjoyable time so know this:  I am here to help and we will roll with whatever comes our way.

My goal is to capture personalities.  While props and accessories are great for added texture and feel, you {the subject} are the primary focus!  I take a simple, classic approach when it comes to capturing your special moments. My goal is to make this moment in time last for years to come.  Another of my goals as your photographer is to create art for your home whether it be images for your mantle or prints for your living room wall.   Are you running out of wall space?  Kim Kelley Photography offers beautiful photographic books and albums.  My goal is to provide YOU with a custom experience and art for your home.  How many times have you been overwhelmed and unsure when deciding on images and sizing?  We will sit together before or after our session to choose the perfect wall space in your home and decide what sizes best suit your space!

As always, I’m available to answer any questions that you may have.


ALL images will be PURGED one year from session date.
Add 7% sales tax.